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The Practical Guide to Statistics
by Kilem L. Gwet. Ph.D.

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Welcome to the website of the book "The Practical Guide to Statistics." On this site, you will have the opportunity to review book excerpts before deciding to purchase. Some chapters may be downloaded in their entirety, while others can be reviewed based the large extracts posted on the Excerpt Webpage. Click on the book image to visit the "Excerpt Webpage." Take time to surf around, and see what this special statistics book has to offer. You may even send an email to Dr Gwet (the author) if you need additional information about its content.

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This is likely to be one of the most insightful and inspiring introductory statistics book available. It presents basic statistical concepts, and methods with a particular emphasis on their meaning, and practicality in real life.

Many introductory statistics texts do not provide the practical motivations behind the techniques, nor the reasons why the techniques were formulated the way they are. With the specific approach used in this book, the motive behind the statistical concepts and methods being described is put forward. The main purpose of the methods will be kept before the reader, and used as often as needed to justify each step taken. A particular effort is made towards reconciling statistical logic and common sense, with the objective of gaining insight into the real value of the statistical solution.

This book contains numerous examples, where selected problems are presented with a detailed solution. You will have the opportunity to verify your understanding of key concepts, and to develop problem solving skills. The calculations are done using MS Excel, R and Calc, which gives you 3 software options to choose from. The advantages and disadvantages of these options are discussed. This is the ideal book for newcomers to the field of statistics, as well as for those with experience in statistics who want to have a deeper understanding of what they do.